Echoplex stalks full release this month

Echoplex is a creepy puzzle game that pits you against a stalking doppelganger. Its conundrums pull on everything from Portal to QUBE, yet its listless mirror image incarnations are as unsettling as anything served by the horror genre. 

It's also leaving Early Access later this month, and has some moving pictures to mark the occasion:

Not much to go on there, admittedly. This trailer from last year, while also brief, gives a better sense of the game's tone:

Against the clock, Echoplex charges players with navigating a futuristic "cyber-horror" facility filled with puzzles, traps and mechanisms that must be overcome. A duplicate of the protagonist repeats everything you do across 27 levels—which can both help or hinder your progress. And the game now has a Her Story-style full-motion video story tied to all that, which means I'm even more invested than before. 

I've had my eye on this 'un for a while, but spotted its full release news via Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Echoplex is due March 15 for PC and Mac via Steam.