EA's subscription service is coming to Steam August 31

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

A few days ago, EA announced their subscription service EA Play would be coming to Steam. Now we know this is happening August 31. 

EA Access, the subscription for consoles, and Origin Access, its PC counterpart, has been consolidated and rebranded into EA Play, offering access to its library of games that include The Sims 4, Battlefront II, Jedi: Fallen Order and more, for as long as you pay. For £4 / $5 month or £20 / $30 a year, you get access to the subscription library, 10% off EA game purchases, and the option to play new releases up to 10 days ahead of everyone else, for up to a total of 10 hours.

EA Play is also available as EA Play Pro for £15 / $15 a month or £90 / $100 a year. This version of the service removes the ten-hour restriction on new games and lets you play the latest titles early and for as long as you want, while also including all the other EA Play benefits. According to a report by PCGamesN, only the basic version of EA Play will be available on Steam though, so if you want to become a pro subscriber, you'll have to stick to Origin.

EA games have returned to Steam after they've left Valve's platform for Origin. Games purchased on Steam will still ask you to log in with your Origin account, but overall Origin may not have been the Steam competitor EA had hoped for.