EA invite gamers to give feedback on Origin


EA's like-it-or-lump-it Origin service has divided gamers who either like it, or lump it. Recognising the lumpers, EA have put up a blog entry called, “ Continuing the Origin Conversation ”, or, “Please tell us what we're doing wrong.” The post somewhat foolhardily invites users to comment on their favourite Origin feature, as well as features they'd like to see added in the future.

The post has already attracted over 300 comments, from, “I would like a clock on the overlay so I can check the time easier while playing” to “Please add a feature to purchase and play EA games through Steam.” A live question-and-answer follow-up with Origin's head honches Robert Kissinger and Mike Lewis will take place on Tuesday.

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has previously voiced concerns about Origin , saying, “I don't think they're doing anything super well yet,” but going on to say that they're “recognising what the challenges are” and “playing catch up.” He also reiterated that Valve is keen to have EA games back on their Steam digital distribution service.

Origin has attracted a lot of flak since its launch last year, but it does seem that EA are trying to improve the service. They're also keenly interested in PC gaming, as evidenced by their Indie Bundle . But is their heart in the right place?