EA Indie Bundle released on Steam. Wait, what?


Monolithic games company EA have released an oxymoronic “ indie bundle ” on Steam, consisting of DeathSpank (72% according to us), DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (75%), Gatling Gears, Shank (39%), Shank 2 (71%) and Warp. The games are being sold at £3.99 each, or £14.38 for the bundle - the latter's a saving of 70%.

Unlike other oh-so-zeitgeisty indie bundles, none of the proceeds are going to charity, and you can't choose how much you pay or how your payment's divided up. Even though £14.38 might seem pricey in comparison to the Humble Botanicula debut (£5.49 for all games) and the Indie Gala (£3.30), you're still making massive savings here. Are EA just jumping onto a particular bandwagon in the hope of making more money? Would they ever do that?

To be fair to EA, we have seen them plough a little cash into smaller developers, as well as lending their muscular marketing clout to the games. Will you be purchasing the EA Indie Bundle today?