Dynasty Warriors 9 will be out early next year, so here's a new trailer

Koei Tecmo confirmed in August that the open-world hack-and-slasher Dynasty Warriors 9 will be coming to the PC. There was no release date available at the time, but today the publisher announced a "window" of early 2018, and unveiled a new "Action!" trailer that's packed with... well, you can probably figure it out. 

The trailer introduces Dynasty Warrior 9's "story, characters, and locations," Koei Tecmo said, which I have to say really stretches the concept of "introduction." But it also shows off the new State Combo system that promises players a great degree of flexibility in the heat of combat.

"Flow Attacks create move-set combos that differ depending on the enemy’s position and seamlessly continue when enemies become prone, are in mid-air, or stunned. Reactive Attacks are extremely versatile and can range from counterattacks, dash attacks, assaults, to guard breaks and finish moves. Trigger Attacks are powerful moves that change an enemy's state," Koei Tecmo explained. "Attacks will change depending on the combination of buttons pressed." 

More information about Dynasty Warriors 9 is available at koetecmoamerica.com, and we've got some new screens you can dive into below. 

Andy Chalk

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