Dying Light's new Story Mode makes the game much easier

(Image credit: Techland)

Despite being more than five years old, Dying Light just keeps on getting updates. The latest introduces a whole new difficulty setting for free runners who prefer to focus on the game's story. 

Story Mode makes the undead menace weaker, while your attacks are much stronger and don't require as much stamina. You won't incur as much fall damage, either, so the penalty for mucking up a jump isn't quite so harsh. Medkits restore twice as much health, and if you do die then you'll only lose half the experience points you usually would.

Dying Light really gets dangerous at night, when the much tougher Volatiles come out to play, stalking and chasing players who haven't made it back to safety. They're enough by themselves to scare off anyone looking to simply enjoy a post-apocalyptic tale, but the update declaws them a little bit by making days longer and nights shorter.

Money won't be an issue, either. Traders pay more for the items you sell them in Story Mode, while airdrops remain on the map twice as long. The only real downside to playing Dying Light with this easier difficulty is that you earn half as much Legend experience than usual, so it will take a bit longer to unlock skills in the Legend tree.

If you're interested in playing just for the story, here's the skinny: You're an undercover operative who travels to a quarantined Middle Eastern city to find a rogue political figure who has a file that can bring down your agency. Unfortunately, that all gets a bit derailed by a zombie outbreak. Thank goodness, then, that zombies are bad climbers and you, for some reason, are a parkour master.

Aside from the Story Mode, developer Techland says it has added new weapons, blueprints, an explosive device, new types of live event, and new outfits. Hopefully it'll be enough to tide you over after the news that Dying Light 2 has been delayed with no release date. If not, you can always give Dying Light's battle royale mode a bash now that it's free.