How to drive from Durrr Burger to Pizza Pit without exiting a vehicle in Fortnite

fortnite durrr burger pizza pit
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Fortnite season 6 week 8 is here, and players have another chance to earn some bonus XP by completing challenges. Now that Fortnite has added the ability to turn any car into an offroad racer, driving challenges have gotten a little more interesting, and maybe even easier.

This week, you're tasked with driving from Durrr Burger to Pizza Pit without exiting your vehicle. That's not so hard once you know how to properly prepare yourself for the journey.

Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit locations

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Obviously you'll be starting at Durrr Burger, the fast food joint in the southwest part of the map. There should be a couple of cars sitting around the restaurant, but you'll be extremely lucky if any of them have a full tank of gas. You'll need quite a bit of gas to get all the way to Pizza Pit.

So how to solve this problem? First things first, let's make this drive easier by grabbing some off-road tires. There may be an off-road tire item spawned in the northeast corner of the area. If not, just harvest a pile of nearby tires to create one.

(Image credit: Epic Games)
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Then you'll find a gas can behind the building in the same area. Pick that up and fill up your car.

With a full tank and better tires, you should be able to make a relatively straight shot to Pizza Pit. Start out by going north around Weeping Woods, then you can cross the brief bit of river by heading northwest of Boney Burbs. Keep hugging around the north side of Colossal Crop and you'll arrive at Pizza Pit across the street from the orchard farm.

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