Driving Survival portrays the horror of car chases

The survival horror genre has stagnated in recent years, prompting many a shout and murmur from the sidelines with regards to what it might do better. Over-the-shoulder shooty horror hasn't been bettered in over a decade, and the once novel hide-here-run-there games starring non-hostile protagonists are starting to tire. Perhaps a new approach to the genre is required. Something like, say, car chases. 

That's where Driving Survival comes in—a still in development sepia-soaked horror game about being followed and eventually chased by desperately relentless baddies who want nothing more but to ram you off the road. It sounds simple, but, from the snippets available so far, looks terrifying. The following gameplay trailer starts off slow, but winds up with multiple cars bumper to bumper with the playable character. Keep your eye on the interior mirror.  

The above in first person view is perhaps even scarier—within a confined space that allows you to feel every bump in the road. 

Again, Driving Survival is such a simple premise and it's somewhat surprising we haven't seen more games of similar stature in the horror genre. It's early days yet so no launch date in sight—the developer's blog can however be found this way

Thanks, RPS!