Driver: San Francisco features upgradeable coma

driver san francisco thumb

Not many racing games can say this. Over 100 licensed cars, 208 miles of road, and the psychic ability to take over other drivers' brains. Allow the video to attempt to barely explain the madness.

The main character Tanner is in a terrible car crash at the start of the game, see, and gains the mysterious ability to project himself from his hospital bed into the waking bodies of drivers around the city, like some evil, terrifying wraith. He doesn't realise it though - maybe he thinks he's having a lovely dream about cars? - and it's basically just a tool to switch between the various vehicles on the road at any moment.

You can also upgrade your coma - possibly by harvesting souls? - to unlock a wider area of influence, and to tighten your unholy grip on San Francisco itself.

I seriously can't believe this is the plot for this game. "Hey Bob, I've got an idea for the new Driver game. Instead of just having one car, you can like, take over people's minds and shit." Mental.