Dreamfall Chapters' Final Cut update is live now

At the start of the year we brought you the news that Dreamfall Chapters' "Final Cut" update would arrive this March—'March' being a word that here means, apparently, 'July'. OK so it's a bit late, but you can now play Red Thread Games' five-part episodic adventure with enhanced art and sound effects, improved performance, and a few other pleasant additions, and that's not bad at all for a free update, now is it?

The Final Cut update is detailed here on Steam, but it's also available on GOG, and on both stores you can currently buy the whole adventure with a sizable 40% discount. The free patch adds playable deleted scenes, an in-game map, a concept art gallery, and a character library, but also the following stuff:

  • Improved art and sound, including new and revised character models, improved lighting, an expanded soundtrack, remastered voice-overs and reworked sound effects
  • Improved performance
  • Improved controller support
  • Improved German and French localisation
  • Support for save slots
  • Updated Unity game engine
  • A HUGE amount of smaller bug fixes (seriously, the list is too long to post here)
Tom Sykes

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