Dragon Quest 11 trailer tells 'The Legend of the Luminary'

A PC version of Dragon Quest 11 was confirmed back in March, and today Square Enix rolled out a new trailer telling "The Legend of the Luminary," who has brushed with death a thousand times, yet survives to save the world.   

The trailer starts off on an ominous, very serious note, but takes a quick turn into more exuberant territory once the wheels start turning, with horns blaring and colors flashing in a bright fantasy realm filled with exotic, some might say odd, characters. "The captivating tale of a hunted hero" is the eleventh game in the Dragon Quest series, but it's also "a completely standalone experience that features entirely new characters," Square Enix said, with "an immersive story that will appeal to long-time fans and franchise newcomers alike." 

Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of  Elusive Age is set to come out on September 4, and will feature English-language voice acting, even though the Japanese version has no voice acting at all.

Andy Chalk

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