Dragon Ball FighterZ's third season kicks off this month with Kefla

(Image credit: Bandai Namco, Ark System Works)

Ark System Works and Bandai Namco have announced that its 2D fighting behemoth, Dragon Ball FighterZ, will be getting a third season full of new characters to raise your power levels with.

So far, only two of the incoming five characters have been announced. The first to be unveiled was Ultra Instinct Goku, who was first shown off at the DBFZ World Tour Finals this weekend. UI Goku first made his appearance in Dragon Ball Super as the alleged ultimate endpoint of Goku's power that is comparable with some gods. He'll be introduced to the game "Spring 2020", with no specific date yet announced.

The second character to be confirmed is Kefla, the fusion of alternate-universe Saiyans Caulifla and Kale. She'll actually be the first character released in season three, making her debut on February 28 (February 26 for those who own the FighterZ Pass 3), months before UI Goku.

There were hints that Kefla might be added to the game as far back as August, when announcer files for both Kale and Caulifla were mysteriously found, and then removed, from the game's files. Somebody even predicted, six months ago, that Kefla and UI Goku would be the first two introduced as part of Season 3. Good job, that person.

Despite launching way back in 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to go from strength to strength. Its own world finals were held in Paris this weekend, while it has also been confirmed to be one of the main stage games at this year's Evo, alongside Tekken 7, Smash Bros Ultimate and Samurai Showdown.