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Dragon Age 2 Facebook game unlocks revealed

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Dragon Age 2 Facebook Game

A while back Bioware announced that there would be a Facebook game called Dragon Age Legends that would run alongside Dragon Age 2. They also mentioned that fans could unlock extra items in Dragon Age 2 by playing through the Facebook game. Those items have now been revealed. Read on for details.

The details were revealed on the Bioware blog , where five special items have been mentioned. Most belong to the hero Evra, who will be a major character in the Facebook game. The last two items are references to characters in Dragon Age Journeys , the free flash game that launched alongside the first Dragon Age.

  • Evra's Might - A ring used by the mighty hero Evra in ancient times to punch demons in the face

  • Evra's Trophy Rack - A belt made from the teeth, armour shads and hides of the many creatures Evra killed.

  • Air of Confidence - This is the other ring that Evra wore. He never took it off. Not even when he went to bed. It was given him to the First Enchanter, but it's exact magical properties are unknown.

  • Ivo Family Crest - This ancient crest is said to be "somehow deeply stirring". +1 to morale, then?

  • Dura's Blue Flame - A crystal pendant that glows in the dark. Presumably magical, its powers remain unknown.

You can apply for a place in the Dragon Age Legends beta on their Facebook page. For news on some of the weirder unlocks in Dragon Age 2, check out the Dead Space 2 suit of armour and the many pre-order bonuses on offer.

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