Dragon Age 2 Facebook game announced

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Bioware have announced that they're working on a Facebook game. It will be called Dragon Age Legends, and will let you and your friends group together to unlock items in Dragon Age 2.

Like Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age Legends will be set in the Free Marches. You'll be able to customise and upgrade your character, and then go questing with those on your friends list, growing a kingdom and sharing loot, earning in-game items for Dragon Age 2 as you progress. The game is set to be released in February 2011, and there will be a beta running from January. It bears similarities to Dragon Age Journeys , a flash game released before Dragon Age: Origins which also offered players some sweet loot ahead of Origin's release. If this Facebook outing is anything like Journeys, then Dragon Age Legends is sure to give us a sneak peak at some of the locations and characters we can expect to see when Dragon Age 2 is released on March 8th 2011 in the US, and March 11th in Europe.

[via Eurogamer ]

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