Buy Dead Space 2, get Dragon Age 2 armour. Single tear rolls down dev's face


EA are offering bonus content for Dragon Age 2 with new purchases of Dead Space 2. Those who pick up Dead Space 2 next Friday will find a code inside to unlock Isaac's armour rig for their Dragon Age character. Read on for the details and a trailer.

Interestingly, the code that is used to unlock the bonus armour through player's EA accounts is only valid until March 31, meaning you have just two months from Dead Space 2's launch to buy the game and claim the content. Nice moves, EA.

The whole kit has a striking resemblance to Isaac's armour but with a fantasy twist and includes the boots, armour, gauntlets and helm of 'Ser Isaac'. The armour is classified as heavy, and requires significant levels of dexterity and cunning.

Check out the trailer below.

[via VG247 ]