Double Fine Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow, Schafer makes last call for donations

There are only 36 hours left to contribute to Double Fine's adventure game kickstarter campaign . So far 75,766 backers have contributed $2,801,103 to the project. Quite a lot more than the initial $400,000 target, which was surpassed within hours of the campaign going live.

"We're still pushing for more because the more money we have, the more awesome we can make the game, the more people we can put on it," Schafer says in the final call for donations in the video above. "we really have been enjoying the statement and attention that this project has been getting and we can think we can even make a louder statement about what we're doing here."

The entire development process for the new game will be filmed by 2 Player productions. The footage will be arranged into a documentary that will be released alongside the game, so backers can see how their investment has been put to use. Live developer chats and interaction with backers will keep everyone up to date with Double Fine's latest plans.

Top backers get a few extra perks, including lunch with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert. For a sense of what that might be like, check out the lovely half hour chat between Schafer and Gilbert below, in which they talk about their love of adventure games, and Monkey Island's four origin stories.

Tom Senior

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