Double Fine collect their Amnesia Fortnight prototypes in a Special Edition box set

Cast your mind back to November, and you may recall that Double Fine were asking you to judge which game ideas they would turn into their Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, to be created during their traditional two-week brainstorming session. You chose the winners and, well, that was that - until now. Double Fine have gathered up the prototypes in a luxury special edition , available in both digital and physical form. The boxset/download features the five finished prototypes, plus a host of extra gubbins, including even more prototypes, the game's respective soundtracks, and the documentaries.

The $30 two-disc box set - and indeed the $9.99 download version - features all five finished prototypes: Autonomous, Black Lake, Hack 'n' Slash, Spacebase DF-9 and The White Birch. But you'll also get the original prototypes for Brazen, Costume Quest and Happy Song thrown in too, in addition to the aforementioned documentary and soundtracks. There doesn't appear to be any difference in content between the digital and physical box sets - well, apart from the price.

If you donated money to the Amnesia Fortnight humble bundle last year, you'll have already been given access to the finished prototypes, but it's now time for the rest of us to get our dirty hands on the games. If, by the way, you've forgotten what those games were, the following Special Edition trailer should clue you in.

Thanks to Eurogamer .

Tom Sykes

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