Dota 2's The Stanley Parable announcer pack has been recorded, reveals narrator

This is the story of a videogame named Dota 2. Dota 2 was a popular game about wizards and pushed lanes and unprompted apologies . It had absolutely nothing to do with another game, called The Stanley Parable, but for one exception: they both contained voice-overs. And so, last year, the creator of The Stanley Parable announced a desire to write and record a Dota 2 announcer pack featuring the meta-comedy's narrator. And, after a long silence, it was revealed that the pack had been recorded, and will likely soon be available to buy.

The new dialogue—recorded by The Stanley Parable's calmly menacing Kevan Brighting—still needs to be correctly coded into Dota's many actions, which is why there isn't yet a release date for the pack. When it does come out, players will have two disdainful announcement options; the 'Narrator' joining GLaDOS as a potential player-mocking companion.

It's a strange situation when a voice-pack becomes the impetus to play a game, but I can see myself giving Dota 2 another shot purely as an excuse to hear how TSP's meta-game commentary is transposed onto Valve's lane-pusher. After all, it's a game that features far more genuine choice than The Stanley Parable, albeit choice that revolves around whether or not to fire a ghost ship at an angry bear.

Phil Savage

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