Dota 2 isn't free yet, but it is a lot cheaper

Rumors that Dota 2 was now playable without an invite made their way across the Internet yesterday , but we now know that those were just rumors. You still need an invite to get access to anything other than the tutorial and spectator mode. The good news is that paying for access to the game is a lot more reasonable now with prices as low as $10 for the Dota 2 Starter Pack .

Even the Deluxe Starter Pack is only $20—exactly $10 cheaper than the $30 Early Access Pack that used to be in the store. The basic Starter Pack gives you access to Dota 2 and seven in-game items including a Key of Incandescent Wax ($2.50 in the store), the Slayers Glare Ward, the Fearless Badger Courier, and the Swordmaster of the Vigil Set for Sven. Spring for the Deluxe Starter Pack and you'll also get an equipment set, a courier, a ward, as well as a 3-day Battle Bonus and an Announcer Pack.

Honestly though, if you don't yet have access to Dota 2 and want to jump in, grab a key from the Dota 2 Dispenser and save your wallet for the endless torrent of couriers, equipment, and keys that you'll inevitably purchase. Or you can wait for the game to launch this summer .