Doppelganger puzzler Echoplex marks full release with neat behind-the-scenes documentary

Echoplex, Output Games' quirky and creepy doppelganger puzzler, first caught my eye in late 2016. At the time, it lived in on Steam's Greenlight initiative and, while I loved its idiosyncratic take on clone-based puzzlery, I didn't expect it to grow much beyond what it offered at the time. 

I was wrong. Launched in full yesterday after a stint in Early Access, Echoplex now packs a full-motion story alongside its maze of neon-bleached, shadow-stalking levels. Built by a modest-sized team, I'm impressed with how far Echoplex has come—a process which is outlined in this behind-the-scenes making of trailer. 


"There's a pressure on a very small team to make something that is at least as interesting, and hopefully as polished as you might see from AAA. And that's very challenging," says game director Tyron van Vuuren there. "I do believe in working with people who don't see things the same way as I do. That's going to make something interesting, if we can navigate our way through the process."

If you think Echoplex is interesting yourself, know that it's out now on Steam for £11.39/$14.99.