Doosk is a Doom 2 mod that's full of weapons from Dusk

The newly released Doosk mod ports all the weapons from the fast-paced action game Dusk into the classic FPS Doom 2. Available to download on ModDB, The mod not only ports Dusk's weapons but also an array of features like game achievements, mutators, and an optional ZMovement.

The coming together of two of game's goriest retro shooters was uploaded by AlphaEnt and includes a bunch of features beyond just weapons. A few highlights are the custom HD that recreates the look of the original Dusk, an intruder mode where you start a level with only sickles for those who want a challenge, and the inclusion of ZMovement called "Dusk movement" that allows players to move around as you would in the original Dusk game. The mod description also says there will be a bigger Big John than Big Jon, keeping the meme from Dusk's developers New Blood Interactive alive.

There are plans to expand the mod further after its initial release. AlphaEnt explains that brightmaps, higher resolutions, and a custom map pack specifically for the mod will be added sometime in 2020. There's a possibility that custom maps and monsters will be added, but AlphaEnt hasn't started working on them yet. 

If you want to see the mod in action, check out AlphaEnt2's YouTube video above which showcases a range of the mod's features. Before downloading, check the mod's specs list to make sure your PC can run it. With Doom Eternal just around the corner, this mod should give you all the bombastic gore you need to tide you over until Eternal's release. 

Rachel Watts

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