Doom's latest trailer shows off demon mode and the BFG


There’s a hint to Evolve in the new Doom trailer, as it shows some of the demons you can play as in multiplayer. Oh, and the BFG.

The powers you’ll be able to grab include the ability to turn into demons, invisibility, Quad Damage, power weapons like the BFG and chainsaw, and a Gauss Cannon that looks distinctly rail gun-ish.

In recent weeks we’ve seen maps revealed, modes detailed, beta dates confirmed (March 31 to April 3) and a bunch of other hellish stuff.

This is pushing us along the line of what to expect from the new Doom, and it looks... well, alright, actually. Pretty good. Time will tell, of course — and some of us (hello!) are diametrically opposed to having things like Quad Damage in Doom, because that’s a Quake thing — but I’m getting excited for this one.

Doom releases May 13.