Doom/Overwatch crossover mod adds D.Va's mech to Doom

For every Bart Simpson meets Jack Bauer, there's a Murder She Wrote meets Magnum P.I. When crossovers work, they're wonderful. When they don't, you wind up with things like Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring. And the less said about that, the better. 

On looks alone (I'm yet to take it for a spin), MyNamels' OverDOOM belongs to the former camp. Built for the original monster-blasting shooter, this mod combines Overwatch and Doom by introducing hero D.Va's auto-firing, Fusion Cannon-wielding, projectile-dismantling mech to the underworld and beyond. 

MyNameIs doesn't give much away on the mod's ModDB page. "D.Va's mecha in Doom," reads its ModDB description, "'summon LootBox'—to get all current weapons from [Overwatch]. 'give OW_Meka'—to get Meka. Gzdoom only."

The accompanying imagery is neat:

However, the following footage best showcases OverDOOM in motion:

Head in this direction for more information on MyNamels' OverDOOM mod, including installation instructions.