Don't Starve's Reign Of Giants DLC gets diminutive new teaser

Do armies of spiders bend to your cruel will? Are you already a slum landlord presiding over a bustling village of indentured pig serfs? Is your savannah refuge stocked with so many ice boxes and dragon pies that the very idea of starving long since became laughable?

If so, my hubristic wilderness wanderer, then the new 'Reign Of Giants' DLC for Don't Starve is going to be for you. After a slew of free updates, this is the first piece of paid content for Klei's procedurally-generated permadeath-risking survival sandbox – although it's still unclear how much the update will cost, when it will arrive, or what will actually be in it. Huh.

So far, the first teaser has given us a glimpse of a grumpy looking badger-like beast, while the second saw Webber , who's seemingly an arachnid unlockable character, being chased by a Deerclops . The new video, below, is if anything even more obscurist – showing little more than a stomping furry leg and a cracking egg containing some sort of moose-like monster. Oh, Canada!

It's worth noting that the three teasers so far have been labelled 'fall', 'winter' and 'spring'. So presumably there'll be one more – 'summer' – and then the actual release. There's plenty more speculation on the Klei's community page , but we're hoping for a new season to bridge the sun-dappled weeks of summer with winter's brutal hardships. What we'll probably actually get: killed in cool new ways.

Tom Senior

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