Don't expect Mortal Kombat 12 to make an appearance at Evo

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Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has warned fans to manage their expectations, saying there'll be no new entry announcements at this weekend's Evo.

Responding to a tweet from IGN claiming "the developers behind Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Guilty Gear are all expected to make announcements during Evo 2022," Boon said "...except Mortal Kombat. Sorry." In a follow-up tweet spotted by VGC, he continued: "It's time for Street Fighter and other great fighting games to be in the sun! Let's enjoy that!"

It's worth pointing out that the actual IGN article talks more about announcements from publisher Warner Bros. than it does Mortal Kombat specifically, which leaves NetherRealm's other fighter Injustice still on the cards for a potential sequel announcement. It also just released Multiversus, which seems like a prime candidate for some nice roster reveals.

There's also the fact that Boon is known to be a little bit of a prankster—anyone who's been a Mortal Kombat fan for long enough will know how much he loves messing with people and throwing curveballs for anything and everything. While I'm inclined to believe he may be serious this time, there's no telling until Evo is upon us.

There've already been a fair few pointers towards the existence of Mortal Kombat 12. The beginning of this year saw NetheRrealm producer Jonathan Anderson tease its existence with an image that displayed a file called "MK12_Mast" on it. In June, VGC noted how Johnny Cage actor Andrew Bowen tweeted that he was at the Warner Bros. Studio. Bowen later deleted the post.

Evo 2022 kicks off on Friday August 5, offering three days of bombastic fighting game fun. There are usually a good few announcements that happen like new games and new characters, so it's well worth tuning in.

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