New Mortal Kombat game teased, movie sequel confirmed, and creator Ed Boon gets a gong

Mortal Kombat 11
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The next game in the Mortal Kombat series has been teased by a producer at NetherRealm, a sequel to the recent film has been confirmed, and series creator Ed Boon is to be honoured by The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Quite a day for fans of blood-soaked spinal ruptures and elemental ninjas.

Mortal Kombat 12 was teased on Twitter by NetherRealm producer Jonathan Anderson, who posted the below image of various paraphernalia from the series. The image also contains sections of his monitors, however, one of which shows part of an email warning about leaking information: "our fans eagerly scrape the internet for any trace." Naturally, the image shows a file on the right monitor called 'MK12_Mast' on it.

So: Mortal Kombat 12's on the way. Anderson deleted the image shortly after posting it, but this is in-line with how NetherRealm has in the past used social media to share scraps about the games.

Mortal Kombat image posted by NetherRealm teasing the next game.

(Image credit: NetherRealm)

In addition to this, New Line studio has hired Jeremy Slater to write Mortal Kombat 2 (thanks, Deadline). Slater was head writer on the Marvel series Moon Knight, developed The Umbrella Academy, and created The Exorcist TV series. The first film released in April 2021 and hit the top spot in the box office, as well as proving popular on HBO Max. If you ask me, it was fine: Better than the older movies for sure, though that's hardly saying much.

Alongside the news about where the series is going, its creator Ed Boon is to be entered in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' Hall of Fame. He'll be the 25th recipient of the award and his induction will take place during the DICE Awards in February. 

A statement from Meggan Scavio, president of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, reads: "We are thrilled to have Ed be inducted into our Hall of Fame. From his early work on pinball machines to his monumental achievements co-creating the Mortal Kombat franchise, Ed's dedication and perseverance to the craft and art of games has left an incredible legacy for fans and game developers alike."

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