Dizzy Returns kickstarter aims to bring back punchy jumpy '80s egg man

Eggy '80s puzzle platformer, Dizzy, hopes to return as Dizzy Returns, if the new Kickstarter campaign from the Oliver brothers gains enough traction to meet their £350,000 goal. "It's no secret that we've wanted to make a new Dizzy game for years, and we've watched the games industry revisit other classic games on Kickstarter over recent months with immense interest," they say. "We're pretty sure that there's an audience out there who would like to see Dizzy return and now's your chance to let us know."

The Kickstarter page promises "new puzzles, new characters, new locations, and new ways of playing will bring Dizzy bang up-to-date." There's no word on what those "new ways of playing" will be, but it sounds like they'll be staying true to Dizzy's exploration platformer roots with talk of non-linear puzzles "utilising physics, time and light, amongst other things." The team are aiming for an autumn release next ear on PC and IOS platforms.

Like many Kickstarter projects, Dizzy Returns is trading on nostalgia to reach that hefty £350k target. Do you have fond memories of Dizzy? Would you like to see more?

Tom Senior

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