Disintegration Gamescom trailer features 12 minutes of frenetic multiplayer

(Image credit: V1 Interactive)

Disintegration is an upcoming FPS that gives you a grav-cycle and some AI buddies to wreak havoc in a dystopian futurescape. Former Halo creative director Marcus Lehto was on hand at Gamescom to showcase 12 minutes of Disintegration multiplayer footage, and boy, it looks like a lot to take in. 

First of all, you're piloting a grav-cycle that hovers above the battlefield. Watching the footage, it's clear that these vehicles have a fair amount of inertia to them, so they swing around corners and swoop wildly as they scan for targets. While you're watching your altitude, you'll have to remember that Disintegration also has real-time tactics elements, as every player has a squad of ground forces to use in order to push toward victory.

Lehto explained that while players control where these troops go and when they use their abilities, they're able to do intelligent things along the way, such as taking cover under incoming fire. That's a good thing, because in the meantime, you'll be busy above firing an array of weapons at your enemies.

Lehto went on to describe a bit of Disintegration's setting and story, which is fleshed out in a standalone single-player campaign. It's a narrative he started six years ago, and it's set in a world where humanity has worked out a way to surgically remove our brains and place them into robotic bodies. While it began as a survival technique in the face of climate devastation and widespread war, a faction called the Rayonne have decided they don't want to return to their fleshy meatbag bodies ever again.

Chris had a look at the first trailer for Disintegration earlier this week. Check the official site for details on how to sign up for the alpha.

Thanks, DSOGaming.