Dishonored cheats grant Corvo super speed and unlimited blink. Video within

I took my first playthrough of Dishonored very seriously. I stealthed my way through slowly, investigating every nook and soaking up as much of Dunwall's atmosphere as I could. That reverence ended the moment the final cut scene concluded. I've enjoyed the experience the developers intended, now it's time to break it apart and have more fun.

This is what trainers are for. Dishonored hasn't been out long, but there are already programs out there that you can run alongside Dishonored, giving Corvo unlimited health, super speed, high level powers, unlimited money and more. Watch these cheats in action as I blast through the first assassination mission, with some help from a rapid fire pistol and dozens of crossbow bolts, in exactly five minutes flat.

I would link to the trainer used, but it exists on a list alongside keygen software and other naughtiness that doesn't deserve promotion. Suffice to say a Google search will lead you to one, but be wary of bad files, as always. Also, SPOILERS for the first mission. On your marks. Get set. GO, CORVO, GO.

Tom Senior

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