Disgaea 5 on Steam lacks online functionality due to 'irreconcilable platform differences'

Disgaea 5 Complete launched on PC earlier this week, and it's easily the largest instalment in the notoriously time-consuming strategy RPG series. But according to the game's publisher NIS America, the Steam version lacks features contained in the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions. Namely, every online feature.

"Due to irreconcilable platform differences, it was decided in the beginning of development for Disgaea 5 Complete that the Network functions from the original game could not be implemented into the Steam version," publisher NIS America wrote in a statement issued after the game's release. 

"We deeply apologize that these differences were not communicated in advance, and we appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. We would like to remind all users that Steam purchases come with a option to fully refund the purchase if total playtime has not exceeded two hours."

Those who have purchased the game are currently venting their frustration in game's Steam review section, and it's not the first time a NIS published game has released on Steam to fan outcry. Ys Eight was delayed at the last minute due to translation and framerate woes, while the original Disgaea's PC port attracted the ire of fans due to poor performance.

Here's the list of what's missing in the PC version of Disgaea 5:

Data Shop

• Everybody’s NW, Someone’s Records

Netherworld Edit Shop

• Netherworld Network, User Netherworld

Map Edit Shop

• Facility Removed


• User Netherworld, User News

Strategy Assembly

• Spread News to Everyone!, Give Item to a Friend!

Netherworld Hub

• Map Edit Shop NPC

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