Discord integration for PlayStation is out which is great for our cross-play pals

(Image credit: Discord)

You might have noticed a little pop-up from Discord today asking if you want to link your account to the PlayStation Network. Yep, Discord integration for PlayStation is finally here which is great news for those of us who cross-play with our console pals or occasionally dabble in some Sony shenanigans.

The integration was announced by Sony boss Jim Ryan in May 2021 after the console developer made a minority investment in the chat company. There wasn't much to know about how it would work at the time, though the assumption was that it would operate similarly to Xbox's current Discord integration. That seems to be pretty accurate—linking your PSN account will let others see what you're playing on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, and you can display your PSN name in your profile in the same vein as other linked services.

It's being "gradually" rolled out today, starting for those in the US before going out to other countries. I'm in the UK and was greeted with a little pop-up asking me to link my account this morning, so looks like the rollout is happening apace.

While it doesn't directly change anything for PC gamers, it's a nice quality of life update all around. I've always wished others could peep what I was getting up to when I'm sinking some time into my PS4 or PS5, and Discord says the feature is "especially great for knowing if your friend is currently playing a game that supports cross-play on another platform."

Mollie Taylor
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