Dirt Rally update brings "Tarmac Terrors"

DiRT-Rally Peugeot-306-Maxi 2

Early Access slide-'em-up Dirt Rally has had a new major update, adding a whole bunch of stages with a tarmac twist. To cement the patch's focus on the tar-heavy road surface, it's been given the name "Tarmac Terrors". Yes, the use of "cement" was intentional. Thank you for noticing.

I'm not entirely sure what function the trailer below serves. It's pretty much just a full minute of cars doing their car things. Still, it nicely breaks up this post, providing some breathing room between these words and the words below.

Twelve new stages have been added, based on Baumholder in Germany. Codemasters describe the new routes as "fast paced" and "technical", which makes me wonder if they think other rally stages are slow or general.

The update also brings five new cars, including the Opel Manta 400 and the Peugeot 306 Maxi. In addition, a new Owners Club Online Event provides a daily challenge mode that lets you race in your own vehicles.

For full details of the update, head to the Dirt Rally Steam page.

Phil Savage

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