Dirt 3's party mode revealed

Codemasters have announced today that Dirt 3 will feature a 'party' mode; three new multiplayer modes that are as far away from driving laps as you could possibly want. Read on for tales of zombies, killer robots and flag-flying.

The first of Dirt 3's party modes is Invasion, where drivers must fend off doom-robots from the future in their four-wheeled killing machines. Exciting, no? Well it's not quite as mental as it first seems; players will actually be out to run over cardboard cut-outs of killer robots, attempting not to swerve and broadside cardboard skyscrapers whilst they're at it.

Transporter mode is essentially capture the flag, but with randomised flag spawn points. Drive over the flag, become the flag carrier.

The third mode is Outbreak, which is the vehicular version of the FPS favourite 'zombie' mode, where one person starts the match infected, and must spread the infection to as many other players as possible by crashing into them. Infected players join the original 'zombie's' team, and the last person uninfected is crowned the winner.

Do these modes sound like a good bit of escapist fun to you, or would your rather stick to ripping up off-road tracks?

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun ]