Dirt 3 trailer features rally drivers and developer Q&A

Dirt 3 1

The latest Dirt 3 trailer has professional rally drivers testing the game's upgraded physics systems. There's a fair bit of in-game footage sprinkled between shots of enthusiastic drivers being thrown about on racing platforms. We get to see new cars and locations, and hear the developers answer questions from fans.

The cars on show include the Audi Sport Quattro Rally, Lancia Fulvia HF and Kris Meeke's 2009 Intercontinental Rally Championship winning Peugeot 207 S2000. We get to see them racing around new locations in Kenya and Finland. Codemasters recently revealed that alongside the improved tyre physics and car modeling, there will also be a zombie mode , one of servaral multiplayer modes that will be shipped with the game on May 24. Head over to the official Dirt 3 site for more information.

[via Bluesnews ]

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