Dirt 3 to have zombie mode. Also features realistic tyre modelling

Dirt 3 Gymkhana

Codemasters have been talking about their upcoming rally racer. They've already revealed the stunt-tastic Gymkhana mode, but the latest reveal is the oddest yet. Dirt 3 will feature a zombie mode in which players must race to avoid being caught by an infected driver.

Codemasters have been telling Kotaku about their latest feature. The undead mode will be an alternative to the more traditional head-to-head and eight player multiplayer. One player will be an infected driver, and will have to try and infect other players on the track. Once infected the windshield will become green and slimed-up to represent the infection. The designers wanted to put hordes of zombies on the track for players to drive through, but the vehicle manufacturers didn't want their products being driven over humanoid figures.

Outside of the zombie mode, the rest of the game is set to be even more realistic than its predecessors. A new tyre modelling system ensures that handling changes when the player drives onto different surfaces, and will even change depending on the amount of air the player decides to put in them. The game will feature 50 cars, and will a 60% focus on rally driving. Dirt 3 is due out on May 24.

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