DICE on Mirror's Edge 2: "There's definitely a market" for it


Oh DICE, you tease. Stop it, you! No seriously, stop it. My heart can only take so much. You say one thing , then you say another thing , and then you say another thing . That's, like, three whole things! And now, we have DICE producer Patrick Liu chiming in as well.

"Yeah, definitely," he said to SPOnG . "I think it's something that people are ready to get into again. We see that there's a huge fan following, it's almost like a cult! And we know what strengths we had, and what weaknesses we had in that game. If we were to release a new game, we'd know what to improve and how to reach a broader audience. So I definitely think there's a market there."

Please, I'm begging you, just announce it already. I mean, this comment - more so than perhaps any of the others - pretty much puts it in "Duh" terms. There's money to be made. Giant gaming companies like money. Everybody wins. Except people who didn't like Mirror's Edge. But then, if you didn't like Mirror's Edge, you don't deserve to win.