Diablo 4's toughest XP grind just got significantly easier

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The unending hunt for the best ways to farm XP in Diablo 4 might be over with its latest patch. Blizzard has significantly buffed the XP you gain for completing its endgame Nightmare Dungeons.

Once you finish Diablo 4's campaign and clear out the first Capstone Dungeon at level 50, you can enter World Tier 3, or Nightmare difficulty. Enemies will start to drop Nightmare Sigils, which are essentially a one-day pass to specific Nightmare Dungeons.

Unlike regular dungeons, Nightmare Dungeons have high-level enemies with unique traits, like increased attack speed or the ability to spawn pools of poison. If you survive to the end, you'll be rewarded with legendary and unique items as well as Glyph XP for your Paragon Board.

Patch 1.0.3 "significantly" increases the XP you get for completing a Nightmare Dungeon and the XP from killing monsters in them. And Nightmare Sigils will let you teleport directly to the dungeon whenever you want, making the whole process very fast.

"We want [Nightmare dungeons] to be a great place to farm, including if you want to farm dungeons over and over, if you want to loop dungeons," game director Joe Shely said during Diablo 4's Campfire Chat earlier this month.

In addition to the Nightmare Dungeon boosts, Blizzard fixed an issue where you wouldn't get XP from the "hold out style" events after you've finished a dungeon's unique objective. And completing objectives for the Whispers of the Dead now give significantly more XP, too.

All of this alleviates Diablo 4's toughest grind: the long road from level 50 to 100. While there are plenty of dedicated players who have already hit the level cap, the XP changes will mostly impact Diablo 4's seasons. Season 1 starts next month and will require you to make a new character and thanks to these buffs, you probably won't have to stay up to date on what dungeon everyone is farming for XP.

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