Diablo 4's sword enthusiasts have realised that its weapons are all messed up

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A few months ago, while I was playing Diablo 4's closed beta, my sword-loving nerd of a boyfriend pointed at my weapon labelled "claymore" and proclaimed to me: "That's not a claymore." With my interest in and knowledge of medieval weaponry being zero, it's a statement that left my brain as fast as it entered it. Well, today is his day for vindication, because one eagle-eyed Diablo sword enthusiast has noticed that almost all of Diablo 4's two-handed swords are labelled incorrectly.

Reddit user Funslinger posted all of Diablo 4's non-legendary two-handed swords next to each other, with their in-game category and what they should properly be labelled as. Turns out the claymore is actually a bastard sword, while the actual claymore has been listed as a "two-handed sword". The flamberge has been mislabelled as a kingslayer, with that sword being categorised as a gothic blade instead. 

I'm pretty sure the non-legendary two-handed swords are all mislabeled from r/diablo4

It's all a mess, and some far cleverer commenters than me have pointed out that it's likely a small programming error with arrays rather than developers being clueless about their swords, leading to all the weapons and their categories being mismatched. Every incorrectly labelled weapon does actually have a correct version within the game, making it the most likely issue.

Other commenters have also mentioned that other sections of the armoury seem equally out of whack. "It's not just the two-handed swords. I've noticed a lot of the one-handed swords are also mislabeled," one Redditor replied. "Another example is the 'double axe' that only has one axe blade, or the 'poleaxe' that's just a spear, no axe head," another pointed out. 

It's certainly not the most game-breaking or world-ending issue, and will likely take a small fix on Blizzard's end to rectify. If we're going to be super pedantic, even some of the sword's actual intended labels aren't massively accurate to their origins, though I think a game about hell isn't striving for accuracy. I'm sure if I was as big a weapon nerd as my boyfriend or some enthusiastic Diablo players it would genuinely irritate the hell out of me though, and I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to go out of their way to point out the errors. Let's hope Blizzard realigns that list in the code sooner rather than later. 

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