How to repair your gear in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 repair - the character is standing next to the blacksmith inside a wooden hut
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If you want to repair your gear in Diablo 4 you'll need to locate a blacksmith, and luckily you can find one in most towns and villages you come across. Gear plays an important role in Sanctuary, so you should make sure it's in top shape before you take on a tough boss or venture into any lengthy dungeons.

Diablo 4's official release might not be until June, but you can jump into Hell this coming weekend if you want to check out the newest installment of Blizzard's demon-infested action-RPG. Our beta start dates and times guide will let you know exactly when it starts. If you want to get some reading done in the meantime, here's how to repair your gear in Diablo 4. 

How to repair your gear 

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You'll need to repair your gear often in Diablo 4 as it will gradually lose durability with use—and it will lose even more when you die. Thankfully, you can repair your gear with a simple button click by speaking to a blacksmith

If you neglect to fix this problem and your weapons or armor break, you'll lose any benefits gained by wearing them, including stats or passive bonuses. With that in mind, it's worth getting into the habit of repairing your gear whenever you return to town. 

Blacksmiths are found in most towns and are usually located in the place you'd find waypoints for fast travel. Look for the anvil icon on your map to find the blacksmith's location. Once you've located the NPC, interact with them and select the middle tab at the top of the window. You'll be presented with three options: 

  • Directly in Inventory: You can repair items individually by clicking on the hammer icon and then clicking on the gear you want to repair. 
  • Equipped: This allows you to repair all the gear you currently have equipped. The total cost will appear here too.
  • All items: This option repairs all items you have equipped and all the gear in your inventory. Again, the total cost will be displayed here.

If any of these are greyed out, none of your gear needs to be repaired. 

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