How to unlock Accursed Touch in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Accursed Touch - a sorcerer is standing near a Hunter's Acclaim board
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Accursed Touch in Diablo 4 is one of the Vampiric Powers your character can use in the Season of Blood. It's not available immediately though and, while you can see it in the powers tab of your inventory, it says it's locked and the game doesn't give you any indication of what you need to do to gain access to it.

Thankfully the solution is simple, but you'll need to spend some time in the areas where the Blood Harvest is active. As you'll be doing that anyway to pick up Pacts and grind XP and gear, you should be set in no time. With that in mind, here's how to unlock the Accursed Touch power in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4 Accursed Touch: How to unlock this power 

The Accursed Touch power is unlocked once you reach the ninth tier on the Hunter's Acclaim Board. Once you've acquired enough Hunter's Acclaim to unlock it, you can head to your nearest board to claim the power. Seasonal quest markers will point you toward these boards early on but you can usually find one marked on the map near the closest waypoint to a Blood Harvest area.

Hunter's Acclaim is a kind of currency that you earn by killing enemies and completing tasks inside Blood Harvest zones. The best source is completing Whispers in those areas: there should be several up each time and you can tell which ones will reward it by the green leaf on the map icon.  

  • Blood Harvest Whispers: 100 Hunter's Acclaim (plus what you get for anything you kill)
  • Killing Seekers: 5 Hunter's Acclaim each (they usually come in pairs)
  • Burning corpse piles: 5 Hunter's Acclaim
  • Freeing Prisoners: 5 Hunter's Acclaim
  • Killing elite enemies: 2 Hunter's Acclaim

You also get the currency randomly while killing groups of regular enemies, so combining it all quickly adds up.

You'll know when you've unlocked a new tier as you'll have a green quest marker on the nearest board. You get an on-screen notification too, but this is easy to miss if you're in the middle of a fight when it pops up.

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