How Diablo 4 Pacts work in the Season of Blood

Diablo 4 pacts - a Seeker's Cache
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You'll likely discover Diablo 4 Pacts once you pick up your first piece of gear in the new Season of Blood. These mysterious symbols are etched onto each piece of armour you find and can vary in number and type, though their purpose isn't immediately clear. 

Even after you've started the seasonal quest and unlocked Vampiric Powers, Pacts are still a little confusing, so I'll explain how they work so you can concentrate on dealing death to demons—or in the case of the Season of Blood—vampires? Here's everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Pacts. 

Diablo 4 Pacts: How they work 

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As soon as you step out into the open world of Sanctuary and start slaying enemies in the Season of Blood, you'll see that all armour you pick up is engraved with random Pacts, each of which have a number and a symbol associated with them.

There are three types of Pact you can get:

  • Pact of Divinity
  • Pact of Eternity
  • Pact of Ferocity

To have Vampiric Powers active inside the Sanguine Circle, you'll need to have the correct Pacts. Each power has a specific Pact cost, so you must have the minimum number of that Pact on your armour for them to work. For example, in the screenshot above you can see that the Undying power needs one Pact of Eternity to activate—since I have one of those Pacts on my armour I'm good to go.

Once you unlock your powers early in the seasonal questline, you can keep track of which Pacts you currently have at the top of the powers tab, letting you work out which abilities you can afford to use.

Where to get Pacts and how to change them 

Naturally, you'll want to switch things up so you can activate powers that work with your build. You can add to the Pacts you have on your gear by finding them as items during Blood Harvest events, though you can only increase the number of the same Pact type. If you want to change it from, say, Divinity to Ferocity, you first need to remove the existing Pact with a Cleansing Acid item. 

Both individual Pacts and Cleansing Acid items are most commonly found inside Seeker's Caches, which are littered through Blood Harvest areas. You can see these coffin-like chests on your mini-map too, which is handy, though you'll need to kill Seekers to get a Seeker's Key item to open one. Seekers are usually easy to find, but if you're having trouble, you can summon them using Blood Lures at Sanguine Altars—these look like chalices on the minimap.

Pacts and Cleansing Acid are also dropped by random enemies or crafted by an Alchemist. You'll need Potent Blood to craft them, however, which is the same resource you need to upgrade your new powers so I'd maybe avoid going down the crafting route until you're sure you've got enough of the resource spare.  

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