Diablo 3 patch 2.3 trailer previews new set items

Diablo 3 2.3

The Crusader is looking a little mossier and skullier than I remember, thanks to the new items coming to Diablo 3 as part of patch 2.3. You too can look like you've just emerged from a tree stump if you poke around in the Public Test Realm; the rest of us will have to wait a little while until the update hits the game for real.

2.3 adds three new item sets: the Crusader's Seeker of the Light set, the Monk's Uliania's Stratagem, and The Witch Doctor's Spirit of Arachyr. That word's similarity to 'arachnids' means that, naturally, it enhances the Witch Doctor's Corpse Spiders ability. Corpse Spiders. That's tonight's nightmare fuel sorted. The patch also updates two older sets: Witchy's Helltooth Harness, and the Wizard's Vyr's Amazing Arcana. You can find full details of all the new and updated items here.

Update 2.3 also chucks in a new Adventure Zone themed around those snow-lovin' barbarians. There's a video of that here.

Perhaps you'd like to see the new sets in action? Blizzard have you covered there too. You can see the new clobber in motion below.

Tom Sykes

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