Devil's Third Online coming to PC

Devil's Third

Devil's Third is a sword-slashy, gun-shooty action-'em-up from Tomonobu Itagaki, the man responsible for Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. It's also a Wii U exclusive, which is an interesting choice to make for a game released in two-thousand-and-fifteen. So interesting, in fact, that it's also coming to PC. Sort of.

Developer Valhalla Game Studios has announced Devil's Third Online, a free-to-play PC version of Devil Third's multiplayer.

"By prior agreement with Nintendo, Valhalla has developed the free-to-play PC exclusive online game 'Devil’s Third Online,' explains a press release. "To spread 'Devil’s Third' around the world, this game service will run from September 2015 onwards, in various regions around the world following the release of the Wii U version in each region."

Devil's Third Online will not include the story campaign, which will remain exclusive to the Wii U. While the Wii U game is being published by Nintendo, the Online PC version will be released in association with various local publishers.

The game got a bit of a kicking in a recent round of hands-on previews—a fact that Itagaki attributed to the poor skill of the people who played it. In other words, this could get interesting.