Devil May Cry 5's new trailer reveals third playable character, this 2006 boyband guy

Devil May Cry 5's new trailer, above, is quite the treat if you feel like you've missed the traditional silly tone of the series since DMC4. You get to see plenty of Dante in action, including his new weapon that seems to be a motorbike he can use to beat monsters to death with, and reassuring appearances from his long-time teammates Trish and Lady.

It also reveals the game's third playable character, V, a guy who apparently speaks in 'poetic verse', which sounds a little unbearable. You get your first look at V at the very end of the trailer. Here he is. I assume he plays bass guitar in a My Chemical Romance tribute band:

Capcom also revealed details about the game's deluxe edition, where Nero gets four extra Devil Breakers—the game's custom robotic arms that each bring a different ability into battle—including a Mega Man-inspired one. If that sounds exciting to you, there's a trailer below:

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Devil May Cry 5 is out on March 8, 2019. Like Tom, I tried the brief-ish Gamescom demo and wasn't completely blown away by it, mainly because the camera felt too close to Nero to see the enemies properly, and I didn't quite get how the Devil Breakers neatly fit into DMC's combat. I look forward to playing more of it, though, and this trailer definitely gives me pleasing DMC3 vibes. 

Samuel Roberts
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