Deus Ex: Mankind Divided silly preorder scheme scrapped

Deus Ex Pre Order Slide

Remember that tiered preorder scheme for Deus Ex: Mankinded, "Augment Your Pre-Order", that we told you about in August? The one where you could only pick one reward from each "tier", and more tiers would only be unlocked by more people preordering the game? The one where the final tier was a four-day early release?

To the relief of almost everyone, it's been cancelled.

In the announcement, Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal have tried to explain why they came up with the scheme in the first place. Apparently it was meant to provide a preferable alternative to preorder schemes that provide different rewards for different regions. Now they've realised that the most preferable alternative is to just give everyone all the rewards, which is what they're doing (if you preorder or buy a day-one edition, anyway).

That does mean the game won't come out four days earlier, which was going to be the final tier, but if you can't wait four extra days for a game then I'm not sure you deserve it.

If you've already preordered, don't worry: you'll automatically get all of the incentives.

When the official Deus Ex twitter account shared the news, they said:

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Which sounds passive aggressive, but apparently it's a meme. I should probably play Deus Ex one of these days.