Where to destroy spooky TV sets in Fortnite

fortnite spooky tvs
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Fortnite season 6 is almost wrapped up, which means we've got only a few short days to collect all the bonus XP we can. The latest Foreshadowing challenge, which tease plot developments for season 7, is here to offer a free batch of 24,000 XP. This final week you're tasked with destroying spooky TV sets spread far around the map.

Unlike most other challenges, Epic has kept the locations of these spooky TV sets a mystery. Even worse, they're spread out incredibly far from each other, so you might need to hop into at least two matches to get to them all. You can find other Fortnite challenge guides here.

We trotted near and far across the map to find them all and have laid out each location in exacting detail. Just pray that a black-haired girl doesn't hop out of the screen when you track one down. 👻

Spooky TV set locations

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All locations are listed west to east.

Spooky TV set 1: You'll find this TV set on the seaside cliff southeast of Coral Castle. Look for a large bush by some rocks and it's just sitting next to a folding chair.

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Spooky TV set 2: West of Lazy Lake on a hill. You'll find it resting against a pine tree along with another folding chair. 

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Spooky TV set 3: Northeast of Craggy Cliffs, on the small sandbar a few meters out in the water. The TV is just resting in the center of the sand.

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Spooky TV set 4: North of Camp Cod in the southern part of the map. You'll find it about midway up the mountain (still in the green and rocky area, not snowy), and the TV is resting near a pair of camping tents. It's easy to miss because it's sitting right next to a large rock.

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Spooky TV set 5: Southeast of Dirty Docks. Look for the powerlines and you'll find the TV under the powerline that's parallel with Dirty Docks' southernmost dock. The TV is resting against another pine tree.

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Once you've interacted with all five sets you'll score that free XP, which will obviously help boost your battle pass. Keep in mind that season 7 kicks off on June 8, and you'll need to check your PC's specs if you want to keep running on "epic" settings since Epic is updating Fortnite's PC graphics.

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