Destiny's infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher is coming to Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon's Gungeons & Draguns update was announced in August 2017 and was set to land sometime in early 2018, so hopefully we'll see it any day now. Luckily, courtesy of this Reddit post, fans recently got a sneak peak at one of the many new weapons in the update: The Exotic, which just so happens to be inspired by the Gjallarhorn, the most infamous weapon in the original Destiny, and source of mountains of salt from the unlucky players who couldn't get the OP rocket launcher to drop.

I got in touch with developer Dodge Roll for details, and they confirmed The Exotic's Ammonomicon entry (above). 

Compare that to Gjallarhorn (see also: Ballerhorn and Ga-jigger-horn), which was hands-down the most sought after weapon in Destiny thanks to its peerless DPS, not to mention its classy looks (each Gjallarhorn is hewn from the armor of titans that fell at the Battle of Twilight Gap).

Image via Destinypedia

Image via Destinypedia

Gjallarhorn is an Exotic-grade rocket launcher that fires homing rockets which split into tiny 'Wolfpack Rounds' on impact. Prior to its nerf, these special rounds dealt obscene amounts of bonus damage and also tracked enemies, so suffice it to say, anything you point it at died. Happily it sounds like the Gungeon's Exotic has taken that mentality on board. Have a look at it in action: 

This GIF also shows the "helpful pal" mentioned in The Exotic's description: your very own Ghost, Destiny's floating AI companions. Now, if we can just get them to add Ice Breaker... 

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