Destiny 2's roaming supers will leave glowing footprints behind

Thanks to the the keen eyes of Reddit user HypedUpNinja, we now know that players using roaming supers in Destiny 2’s PvP modes will leave glowing footprints behind them for the duration the ability is active. The neon imprints were spotted during a busy clip from the PvP footage just released by IGN, and
you can see blue steps from the Arcstrider Hunter and purple from the Sentinel Titan. 

If you’re unfamiliar, ‘supers’ are ultimate abilities in Destiny 2 unique to every subclass which you can pop off on a timer (which is shortened by doing damage and other effects). Roaming supers typically give the player a magical melee weapon and a speed buff, which means they can come out of nowhere and ruin your day with ease. They’re fun to use, but not always fun to counter, if you even get the chance.

By leaving behind distinct glowing footprints, we’ll have a bit of extra feedback for tracking and evading players in their supers, no matter how stealthy they’re playing. Along with the other multiplayer changes detailed earlier this week, this addition indicates Bungie’s desire for closer team communication. So long as you’re not the intended recipient of a surprise roaming super, a teammate could spot the tracks leading to your location and give you a quick heads up. At the very least, it’s a chance to say goodbye. 

We’ll know exactly what kind of impact Bungie’s changes to Destiny 2’s Crucible will have once the console beta kicks off July 18, as some PC Gamer staff members (including myself) will be playing. How those changes carry over to mouse and keyboard controls is a bigger question, but we'll find out when the PC beta happens sometime this August. 

James Davenport

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