New Destiny 2 PvP details revealed, including a look at the revamped Nova Bomb

In the latest video dispatches from IGN’s month of Destiny 2 coverage, we get a tour of new PvP map Endless Vale, plus matches played from the perspective of the Sentinel Titan and Voidwalker Warlock classes. Bungie also shed some sweet light on the revamped Control mode, which has some vanilla Destiny vets worried because the format is moving from 6-player teams to a tighter 4v4 format. 

Here’s the list of notable changes from the IGN story:

Points no longer capture faster if multiple people are standing on them.

You can activate a ‘power play’ if you capture all points, earning extra points per kill.

Point A and point C begin as captured.

Capture is no longer a two-step process. Now you only have to capture the point rather than also neutralize it first.

Matches are now 8 minutes long.

The mercy rule will be enabled if one team racks up a lead, but will be balanced by what happens in the open beta.

I can’t say that I’m for or against the changes yet, though it’s easy to see how they’ll alter the flow of a match in some big ways. Since points won’t capture faster with multiple people standing on them and they’ll no longer require neutralizing before capturing, matches will probably be a bit more chaotic. Teams will likely still hunt in packs, but lone wolves will be more empowered too, able to capture points and scatter their opponents as quickly as any duo or trio. 

In tandem with the slimline 4v4 format and maps designed for teams of that size, PvP matches should feel shorter, more focused, and better suited for coordinated team play. I was worried the new Capture rules would incentive teams to completely split up, but Endless Vale is small enough to force plenty of team battles. With support abilities like the Warlock’s healing rift and the Titan’s shield at play in such a tight space, teams will have to work together to win.

Nova Bomb is back

Speaking of those subclasses, we didn’t learn much new about the Sentinel Titan, but we did get to see the shield super ability in action again. It’s straight up a Captain America impression, just with a lot more space magic. The titan pulls out a shield and can bash enemies over the head or throw it at them, pinballing between unlucky opponents. 

As for the Voidwalker Warlock, which is a returning subclass to Destiny 2, we finally got to see its revamped super, Nova Bomb, in motion. Barely. A few minutes into the video, the player pops it, unleashing a big black ball of dark energy. This version travels slower than before, but makes up for it by homing in on enemies and being, well, a giant purple ball of death. I like the idea of giving players time to recognize and respond to such a devastating attack, even if it’ll be harder to escape this time. It’s also fair to assume that there may be a faster, more traditional Nova Bomb on the other side of the perk tree. 

Endless Vale will be playable in the upcoming PC beta this August, which will also include the new Countdown Crucible mode, a cooperative Strike mission, and access to the new social space, The Farm. Before the October 27 release date, catch up on the glut of Destiny 2 news in our comprehensive interview with Game Director Luke Smith, or just watch the game in its proper format: played on a PC at 4K resolution with a mouse and keyboard. 

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