Destiny 2's art portal will give a closer look at its armor and weapons

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Pictured: Warlock

Much like Bungie did with the first Destiny, the FPS developer has kicked off the artist reference portal for Destiny 2 on its website (opens in new tab).

The portal's name is appropriate, as it's a good reference for artists looking to create any number of pieces—whether that's a drawing or piece of equipment for cosplaying. The page currently only features Parade Armor for each of the three classes: Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. You can see all three right here in this article, but if you want to download high res versions of them, you'll have to head over to the portal (opens in new tab).

Bungie plans to update the portal as more reference art becomes available. If Destiny 1's page (opens in new tab) is anything to go by, you can expect to see a bunch of different armor, characters, and weapons. And if you're not an artist or cosplayer, it's just cool to get a more detailed look at all the stuff from these games. As boring and rote as Destiny 1 could get, there's no denying it had a fantastic sense of style.

Destiny 2 launches for PC via (opens in new tab) on October 24, which is more than six weeks after it releases for consoles (opens in new tab) on September 6. We got hands-on with the shooter sequel at E3, and while our impressions were largely postive (opens in new tab), we have some big questions that remain unanswered (opens in new tab).

Pictured: Titan

Pictured: Hunter